Engelhard Industrial Bullion (EIB) Prices [USD per Troy Ounce]
MetalSymbolAsian EIB (AEIB)EIB
Platinum Pt 1030.001030.00
Palladium Pd 1443.001450.00
Rhodium Rh 7000.007000.00
Iridium Ir 4600.004600.00
Ruthenium Ru 465.00465.00
Gold Au 1948.00
Silver Ag 23.250
Last Update Asian EIB: May 29 2023 2:00 PM Tokyo
Last Update EIB: May 26 2023 9:15 AM New York

The Engelhard Industrial Bullion (EIB) Price is indicative of the price at which BASF Corporation or BASF Metals Japan Limited, respectively, would be willing to sell the priced industrial grade metal to a hypothetical customer at a point in time and for delivery at a BASF facility.

The EIB reflects BASF Corporation’s or BASF Metals Japan Limited’s view of the market, including but not limited to prevailing prices, current bids and offers and future supply and demand for industrial grade metal, as well as supply and demand factors peculiar to BASF. Therefore, the EIB does not necessarily reflect the price in the market as a whole and is not intended as a benchmark price as that term is understood in Regulation (EU) 2016/1011 or any other applicable law or regulation.

The EIB is the exclusive property of BASF, is illustrative only and is made available without charge for the information and convenience of BASF’s industrial grade metal customers. BASF reserves all rights in the EIB and any use of the EIB without the prior written consent of BASF is prohibited. BASF Corporation and BASF Metals Japan Limited do not warrant the accuracy of the EIB and specifically disclaims all liability for any loss incurred by any party arising from or in connection with their reliance on the EIB.